8 November 2023

Where There’s A Will – Barry Pogrund

It’s the season for sharing our partner success stories. One by one we are discovering that not only does success have a different meaning for each of us – but that our partners, have decades of gruelling challenges behind them alongside the mistakes, failures and wins that shape the success still present in their lives.

Today Barry Pogrund, head of our Wills & Estates service line, delights us with his company, sharing meaningful insights into his relationship with success.

“My greatest professional life success is being part of this practice’s leadership for decades – a practice that has grown and evolved into something so much bigger than anyone could have imagined. Both MGI staff and clients have been able to tap into the experience and knowledge offered by the partners – and benefit greatly therefrom.”

When asked how he handles staff setbacks or mistakes, Barry replied that they are only challenges by which one must learn, adapt, and grow. And by approaching setbacks and mistakes in this way, they are not repeated, therefore keeping him and his team on track to reach their goals – and ultimately, overall success. In terms of missing the mark with a client, Barry first investigates where the failure occurred, then as soon as possible, meets the client’s expectations – and if possible, exceeds them.

We asked Barry the next few poignant questions to conclude the interview:

Where are you headed as a business relative to the local current economic climate and turbulent world events?
Most businesses and countries are facing economic and turbulent times.  One needs to remain positive as during these crises, there are often great opportunities.

What is the main thing you learn from your competition?
That we need to stay in the game – then adapt and grow while staying relative to our target market.

What is your personal definition of success?
To be the best I can be. And to leave behind a legacy of sustainable values.

How would you define success to a 5-year-old child? 
Achieving what you want to achieve.

How do you celebrate your successes?
Every success should be shared with others. It makes it that much sweeter.

In terms of the way you deal with people, what do you feel your top 3 personality traits are?
Patience, understanding, and care. Everyone has a story. And to hear those stories we must be interested, patient, and caring.

What is the most challenging part of being a leader?
Having the temerity to stand up for what one feels to be correct – irrespective of what others might believe or think.

What advice do you wish you could give your younger self about success?
To find that inner voice early in life. And to stay strong and be courageous.  

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