SINCE 1935


always moving

We are known for quality, integrity and personal service. Throughout our existence, our ability to adapt and innovate has ensured that we always deliver on our clients ever-changing needs.


mgi bass gordon

We focus on providing personal service and innovative, tailor-made solutions. Our constant interaction with clients, coupled with our integrated services, enable us to act as sounding boards for management and contribute to the growth and prosperity of all our clients.

Together with associations with other independent consultants and service providers in asset management, investment and insurance, we are able to provide the most appropriate services when required.

We execute the service function currently lacking in many organisations.

We are your trusted credible alternative to larger competitors.


Being recognised as the leading mid-tier professional services firm, offering a growing array of business solutions, whilst being the trusted partner of choice for those seeking more than just the ordinary.


Being a values-driven organisation offering a comprehensive range of compliance and advisory services. Putting clients first, always.


what moves us


We adopt a know-your-client approach to business, focussing on personal service and providing innovative, tailor-made solutions.


We act in a way that engenders trust through open and honest communication.


We adhere to the ethics and standards of our profession and produce quality work, continually upgrading our knowledge by training and development.


We take pride in our work as we pursue a common goal. We live our values, contributing positively to the organisation.




To partner with business owners and leaders in private organisations who expect and value superior client service.


To develop trusted relationships with our clients that allow us to provide targeted Compliance and Advisory services to assist them in achieving their business and personal financial goals.



To encourage and make time available for more partner and client contact than our larger competitors.

To invest in long-term, value-driven relationships focused on helping our clients progress and prosper.



Our focus has always been on privately owned businesses, high net worth families, individuals and non-profit organisations.

We approach your business as if it was our own, and we constantly strive to add value.

The result is a more personalised service to your organisation and significant added value, as well as, an all-encompassing service, including specialist advisory services with minimal disruption to the flow of business.



MGI Bass Gordon has developed associations with independent professional firms who share our values. As a result, our clients are able to benefit from our combined skills and services.

These associations further demonstrate our commitment to meeting the everevolving needs of our clients.

Our association with Portfolio Bureau enables our clients to have direct access to one of the best independent and authorised financial service providers in the financial services industry. By providing quality financial advice and services to our clients, Portfolio Bureau ensures that it remains committed to a culture that is grounded in the values of excellence, teamwork and client-centricity. These values are fundamental to their success of continuously providing clients with a professional and holistic view of all of their individual financial needs and objectives.

Legacy Nominees is a wholly owned subsidiary of Portfolio Bureau and is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 44280) with an external Compliance Officer and Independent Auditors. Legacy Money Market has been growing people’s money since 1982 and is a recognised and trusted performer. It offers clients a secure and stable way to invest money, while enjoying highly competitive returns.

MGI Worldwide is a Top 20 international accounting network of independent audit, tax and accounting firms, which brings together the expertise of almost 10,000 professionals in some 460 locations around the world. Our membership enables us to keep abreast of important new developments, while providing a seamless international service to any of our clients looking for support abroad. Through MGI Worldwide, our firm benefits from connections with people we get to know and trust in all corners of the globe.