11 April 2024

Tax Season Warrior – Howard Silke

Another day, another success story.

Our firm partners are the robust captains at the helm of our business, helping us navigate stormy seas and optimise sunny skies. Sharing their success stories one by one, we’ve had the privilege of getting to grips with who they are as industry leaders and business strategists.

Howard Silke, our very own tax maestro, is the next partner to take us behind the scenes of his success journey. Highly respected, Howard’s decades of experience and expertise are the standard per excellence which we measure the quality of our service offering by.

“My greatest success at MGI Bass Gordon is servicing clients promptly and efficiently – while working excellently with partners and staff to achieve goals.”

Over a cappuccino, Mr. Silke expanded on the topic as follows:

How do you handle setbacks or mistakes created by your staff?
I explain the nature of the errors, then guide them so as not to repeat them.

In terms of missing the mark with a client, if ever, how do you approach this challenge? 
We apologise accordingly, guaranteeing that the error will not reoccur in future.

Briefly describe how you first discovered your passion for the work you do, what excites you about your work.
My passion stems from solving client queries and giving them excellent advice – whilst also receiving respect and due compliments from them.

Briefly detail your specific skills, talents, and areas of expertise.
I specialise in taxation advice through solving queries and minimising taxes payable by my clients in terms of tax legislation. I also provide accounting advice for small entities.

What is it about your work that continues to drive and motivate you? 
Giving clients best advice and mentoring while minimising taxes as far as possibles within the given tax laws.

In your opinion, what sets MGI Bass Gordon apart
Our dedicated personalised service with efficiently quick turnaround times.

How do you keep your team motivated despite conflicts and obstacles?
We meet regularly to review their work and discuss issues they might be facing –  I also compliment and encourage them on work well done.

What would you say are the most important attributes of successful leaders today?
That’s simple: to motivate staff, delegate tasks, provide feedback, while also facilitating and supporting goals.”

Ever the consummate professional, Howard generously agreed to answer some questions on the more personal front.

What is your personal definition of success?
Success is achieving my desired goals in an authentic manner that gains respect from clients and staff.”

How would you define success to a 5-year-old child?
First, you must give and show respect to your parents. Then, to be successful, you must figure out what you are good at and use that to help others.

How do you celebrate your successes?
By recognising accomplishment of challenges then celebrating the wins with my team.

Tax is a demanding field of work, how do you manage stress?
I find exercising to be an excellent stress relief. I have completed over an excess of 100 marathons and 300 half marathons including 7 Comrades. Unfortunately, due to knee injury, my competitive running days are behind me and I now keep fit by going to the gym.

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