24 January 2023

Introduction to Tax service line

Advising you on all aspects of taxation based on the most appropriate ways to structure your affairs – whether personal or corporate, local or international – our dedicated tax team takes the trauma out of all matters tax-related. With both tax consulting and tax compliance services available to you:
What is it they say about death and taxes?
Advising you on all aspects of taxation based on the most appropriate ways to structure your affairs – whether personal or corporate, local or international – our dedicated tax team takes the trauma out of all matters tax-related.
With both tax consulting and tax compliance services available to you:
  • You ultimately don’t pay more tax than necessary
  • You gain holistic insight into the tax consequences of every transaction and investment
  • You enjoy effective and efficient administration of your tax affairs pertaining to ever-changing government regulations
By providing close, personal service through active involvement, MGI Bass Gordon’s tax team takes your tax matters personally. In this short interview, you’ll meet the players vested in delivering powerful solutions to your unique and evolving needs.
Death and taxes may be the only certain things in this world, but when it comes to our commitment to your tax health, it’s just as much a sure bet!

Our proficient tax team, focusing on Tax Compliance and Tax Consultancy, comprises Stuart Hendler, Howard Silke, Petrus Erasmus and Lizaan van der Vyver.

How do you approach the complex task of lowering my tax liability while keeping my tax affairs in sync with current regulations?

It’s all about knowledge and applying that knowledge, understanding our country’s tax laws as a start. We look at your overall tax position as an individual, company, or trust – then apply available tax legislation to reduce your taxes as much as possible.

How does technology feature in your objective to keep my company tax efficient?

We keep abreast of the latest tech changes to be as efficient and productive as possible. Our current software, Xero, makes life so much easier with direct SARS integration. A lot of time is saved by cutting out tedious manual processes. We also use Proftax, a powerful planning and management tool that ensures our clients’ tax affairs are up-to-date and deadlines consistently met.

What is the best advice you can give business owners relative to their attitude about paying taxes?

Tax is unavoidable; therefore, it should simply be accepted as a part of life and embraced as an important part of your business. However, stay empowered by getting the best possible advice from experienced reputable tax experts who will use the legislative framework to reduce your potential tax liability.  

What makes you passionate about assisting MGI Bass Gordon’s clients?

Ensuring that our clients pay only what is fair and reasonable in terms of tax laws. It’s very rewarding to discover something previously overlooked, or a legislation change, that results in a client’s reduced tax liability.

What, in your experience, is the best approach to wealth tax planning?

Wealth tax planning must be done continuously because tax legislation changes constantly – as do people’s circumstances. For example, a couple of years ago most people favoured investing in trusts; although trusts are still a good vehicle, with the recent legislative changes concerning capital gains tax, trusts are no longer ideal in ALL circumstances.

What is the most important question clients aren’t asking relative to their tax affairs?

“How is this transaction going to affect me in the future?” For example, income tax offers numerous provisions for timing certain amounts during the current year, but impact your returns for the following year. Not keeping on top of this could result in underestimation penalties for provisional tax. Every transaction has a consequence, therefore thoroughly organising your tax affairs is crucial.

My business is restructuring, how does this impact my tax planning?

A more tax-efficient corporate structure can create impressive tax advantages, depending on the nature and complexity of the restructuring. It’s always best to consult with us regardless. Whatever your end goals, we map the ideal tax planning route.

How does the team keep abreast of changes in South Africa’s tax legislation and tax administration?

We regularly attend national webinars and intensive internal training sessions. We also subscribe to external bodies like SAIT (South African Institute of Taxation) that provide tax legislation updates.

With you as my tax practitioners, how am I reassured that my tax affairs stay squeaky clean year on year?

We pride ourselves on thorough communication, advising you on your every obligation. With your tax affairs entrusted to us, you won’t fall behind or miss any SARS deadlines. Our open-door policy means you can get updates as often as required.

I have a large staff component. How do you adequately manage my Employee Tax affairs?

Our inhouse expertise offers excellent payroll solutions to both big and small enterprises.

What is the most useful thing I need to know about tax compliance?

It’s extremely important to the health of your business – and it’s not going away. The best thing you can do is to stay-up-date with your tax compliance.

What do you believe sets MGI Bass Gordon apart from other firms?

For us, it’s all about building a personal, enduring relationship. With a holistic approach, our solution offering is tailored to your unique position and situation. As your trusted advisor we honour each and every concern, whether big or small.

Every maturing business needs a host of services – financial planning, wealth planning, tax planning, corporate compliance, payroll services, etc. – at MGI Bass Gordon we offer a one-stop-shop solution, finding solutions in the journey while catering to your every need.

Audits by SARS make me anxious, What support do you offer?

We deal with audits daily – some incredibly complex – and we are confident at handling SARS queries. By interacting with SARS on your behalf, we do all the heavy lifting, relieving you of any fears or worries.

MGI Bass Gordon’s ability to adapt and innovate means we stay ahead of the pack and prepared for the unforeseen. The payoff for you, our client, is ongoing taxation peace of mind which contributes to your long-term growth and prosperity.

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