Frequently asked questions for trainee accountants
1. Why should I choose MGI?

MGI Bass Gordon isn’t afraid to do things differently, our approach to your training and future career is dynamic, entrepreneurial, and very personal. Our objective is to develop well-rounded, professional Chartered Accountants. The experience you receive during your training at MGI will ensure that you achieve the SAICA competencies required to register as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa.

Given our history and industry knowledge, we are able to offer our trainees exciting career development opportunities with broad-based business exposure. As a trainee, you will have the chance to see the inner workings of some of the country’s most successful private companies and non-profit organisations. This unique exposure gives trainees a deep understanding of business fundamentals to set them up for greater success as their careers continue to grow.

MGI Bass Gordon has an open-door policy that enables you to have direct contact with our partners, managers, and supervisors. This is a huge advancement for your growth and development as a professional.

Finally, we have a fun and social work environment. We organise events for our staff regularly, such as monthly meanders, after-work drinks, department-specific events, social fund events, and public holiday celebrations. We also pride ourselves on being involved in the community and taking part in numerous social responsibilities activities during the year.

In summary, some of the great benefits that the Bass offers to trainees include:

  • Wide client-industry exposure
  • Hands-on contact with clients
  • An open-door policy & commitment to collaboration with all levels of management
  • Continuous learning & development opportunities with study support
  • A positive & supportive culture
  • Secondment recommendations after completion of the training contract
  • Our mentorship program covering technical & personal development
  • A modern, digital working environment
  • Access to mental health & wellness counsellors
  • Working experience within diverse teams
  • A solid work-life balance & flexibility of a hybrid working environment
  • Social events
  • Life in a world class city, namely, Cape Town
2. What type of clients does MGI work with?

As a SAICA trainee at MGI Bass Gordon, you will gain exposure in a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotel and Leisure
  • Investment
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mining
  • Financial Services
  • Renewable Energy
  • Schools
  • Legal Firms
  • Textiles
  • Chemical
  • Wine Farms
  • Export & Import
  • NPO’s
  • Auctioneers
3. Who is the perfect #TEAMBASS trainee?
  • Aligned with our Core Values (Client-centric, Trust, Service Excellence, and Positive Attitude)
  • Strong Ethics
  • Team player and respectful to others
  • A willingness to learn – able to ask many questions.
  • Has a goal in mind – driven by a purpose= to become a CA(SA)
  • Values personal relationships
4. When should I apply for a Training Contract?

As soon as you are ready and feel comfortable! This will also give you more time to engage with us for longer and join in all the initiatives that our firm has to offer: Vac Programmes; Coffee Dates; HEY trainee and any other Virtual Events that we host for students.

We do not have a deadline date for applications. Remember: We support you in making an informed decision, not an influenced one.

5. Does MGI offer bursaries?

MGI Bass Gordon offers Financial Assistance on a discretionary basis as part of our Training Contract application process. Financial Assistance is conditional upon acceptance of a Training Contract. Financial Assistance is awarded based on Academic Merit and Financial Need. For more information, send us an email:

6. How many trainees are there per annual intake?

The number of trainees that we employ each year differs, but the intake is roughly between 12 and 16 first-year trainees each year.

7. When does the intake commence each year?

First-year SAICA trainees will start their traineeships in late January/beginning of February each year.

8. How long is the recruitment process?

This is “HOW WE MOVE”:

  • Your online application is reviewed upon receipt.
  • Should we wish to meet you, you will receive an email to schedule an interview: in-person or online.
  • Your interview is conducted by our Talent Seekers. Your 1-hour interview will cover:
    • Let’s get personal. Getting to know you.
    • What moves you? Why CA(SA)?
    • A day in your student life: academics and challenges.
    • Your Training Contract and Training Office: your expectations?
    • Delving even deeper… Your self-awareness.
    • Your turn for questions!
  • A Partner call is set up after a successful interview.
  • Successful candidates will receive an Offer Letter
9. Can a trainee study part-time?

Preference is given to students who intend to complete their CTA studies prior to commencing their training contract. However, in some instances depending on numbers, we will consider students unsuccessful with their CTA studies to start their training and repeat CTA part-time. We support part-time students as best we can – you will receive study leave.

10. Does MGI pay for the ITC and APC board courses and exams?

Yes, MGI pays for your first ITC and APC board course and exam.

11. Does MGI offer secondments?

During your final year of the training contract, we will make recommendations for your secondment abroad should that be your wish. We have established relationships with external partnerships that take care of all your secondment needs. It is safe to say that our MGI Trainees come in high demand – this is the result of great technical training; broad industry exposure; challenging work experiences; and good interpersonal skills gained throughout the training contract.

12. Does MGI retain trainees?

We believe that trainees who have completed a training contract with MGI, are the best possible CA(SA)’s in the industry – therefore, upon completion of your training, you are an asset to the firm. You need to prove that you are someone the firm wants to retain! In terms of a post-training contract, there are career opportunities in both Audit as well as other teams within the firm if operational requirements allow. Building your career path is a team effort and we want to have open and honest conversations about your future with the firm if this is where you want to stay.

13. What does the day in the life of an audit trainee look like?

Your training contract is regulated by SAICA which sets out the CA(SA) Competency Framework which “Identifies and describes the professional competencies (professional values and attitudes, enabling competencies and technical competencies) that a CA(SA) should demonstrate at entry point to the profession”.

Bearing this in mind, every day within your training contract will present you with an opportunity to learn and grow. Trainees assist the managers and partners with planning, executing, and finalising audits. You can and should expect a challenging yet rewarding learning experience.

14. What are the advantages of a medium-sized firm?

What our Trainees have to say:

  • Broad Exposure to different clients and industries.
  • Diverse perspective on Audit as well as other technical areas of expertise: Tax, Accounting.
  • More than just a number – the chance to be known.
  • Intimate relationships with colleagues and hands-on help from Partners.
  • Personal client relations/networking opportunities.
  • It’s more than just a working environment – support/mentorship on various levels: personal; professional; mental.
  • Massive exposure to all spheres of a business = Tax calculations, corporate governance, and systems that the company uses.
  • Massive networking opportunities with founders of companies and entrepreneurs.
15. What support does MGI offer its trainees?

From day one, you will be immersed in a committed mentorship programme and have direct access to management. The programme is aimed at assisting you in the development of your personal goals, technical knowledge, and professional skills.

Our first-year trainees have access to:

  • A Technical Mentor – Managers and/or Supervisors.
  • A Personal Mentor – Someone to coach you as you navigate through life as a young professional.
  • A “Wolf” – you will be a “cub” to a 3rd-year trainee “wolf” (Wolfpack mentoring)
16. What do trainees earn?

Our trainees’ salaries are based on a Total Cost to Company basis. We observe SAICA’s guidelines to ensure that we compensate our trainees fairly and they receive a market-related offer. We do participate in various salary surveys for Cape Town-based Audit and Accounting firms.

17. Is it compulsory to have your own transport?

No, it is not compulsory to have your own transport.

18. Does MGI cover relocation costs?

Unfortunately, MGI doesn’t provide the financial means to cover relocation costs.