CIPC Annual Compliance Requirements  

 Crunch Time for SA - The Medium Term Budget Policy Statement and what it means for You • 5 Reasons to Never Overlook Your Business Plan • Office Closure • Tax Deadlines for November and December 


How are You Affected by the Declaration of Compliance Required by the CIPC?

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) has issued Notice 52 in terms of which it states:

"The CIPC is proud to announce that a new user-friendly service has been added to e-Services for Customers to declare the compliance status of their company or companies to specific sections of the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008 (as amended)".

In terms of Notice 52, companies are now required to confirm compliance with a number of sections of the Companies Act. This is to be done by the completion and submission of a Compliance Checklist, which is to be completed and submitted via CIPC's online portal prior to the filing of a company's annual return.

We discuss these new requirements, how it affects you and the actions required in order to comply. 


Crunch Time for SA - The Medium Term Budget Policy Statement and what it means for You

The main budget presented to Parliament in February by the Minister of Finance is where government reveals its detailed projections of and plans for the economy, and its tax and spending proposals. So at this stage no detail is expected from the MTBPS, but rather a general indication of where we are and where we plan to be.

Its importance to us all lies in the economic indicators reported by the Minister, in his "fiscal risk statement", and in his projections for the economy, for public finances, and for our debt-to-GDP ratio. All of these will impact directly on us in both our business and our personal lives.

Let's have a look at what the Minister said, and at how that will affect us... 


5 Reasons to Never Overlook Your Business Plan

Not preparing a comprehensive business plan for your business, and not updating it frequently, is a recipe for disaster.

In fact, John Cleese's "How can I be so stupid?" when recalling his pitch to the BBC for the launch of Monty Python's Flying Circus without having a business plan in place , says it all.

We discuss why a business plan is such a critical part of your strategic planning and provide 5 very good reasons for you to commit the necessary resources to this essential project without delay. 


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