What Will The Next Decade Bring Us? • SA's Rankings on the Ease of Doing Business Index • Junk Status is Not the End - It Can Get a Lot Worse! • How to Detect and Dodge Financial Scams • Tax Deadlines for January 


What Will The Next Decade Bring Us?

As we settle into 2020 let's all, with the wise old saying "Failing to plan is planning to fail" in mind, start thinking about not only what the next year or so holds for us, but about what our 

world could look like in 2030.

Of course that means predicting the future, a notoriously difficult exercise at the best of times and perhaps a particularly challenging one in these days of increasingly frenzied change. 

We can however identify a number of global trends emerging which will at the very least get us pointed in the right general direction. So let's have a look at some of them. 


SA's Rankings on the Ease of Doing Business Index

One of the key milestones in the President's plan to speed up our economic growth, is his goal of improving our position in the World Bank's "Ease of Doing Business Index" from 84 up to the top 50 (out of 190 countries) within three years.

After listing our current standings in several crucial measurement areas, we move on to some
very positive and exciting news for entrepreneurs, for small businesses and hopefully also for our
economy as a whole. 


Junk Status is Not the End - It Can Get A Lot Worse!

There is a perception that we will be scraping the very bottom of the barrel if Moody's does indeed downgrade our debt to the dreaded Junk Status – that 'There's no way to go but up', that 'This is the beginning of our rehabilitation process' and so on.

Regrettably that's not so at all. If our economy continues to go the wrong way there could be much worse in store for us – have a look at our table of the various categories used by Moody's in its "Investment Grade" and "Non-Investment Grade" rankings.

We discuss the implications, and our way forward. 


How to Detect and Dodge Financial Scams

Financial scams have always been around but their scale in today's world is truly amazing – estimates of annual losses in the USA alone reach $120 billion.

The good news is that there are positive steps you can take to protect yourself, and perhaps the first and most important of these is getting to grips with the different types of "con" and how they work.

First question we ask ourselves therefore is "What is a 'quick con', and what distinguishes it from a 'long con'?" Then, the really important bit - we look at what types of people are most vulnerable to the con artists. Make sure you aren't one of them! 


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