COVID-19: Relief Programs for Businesses and SMMEs • Businesses: How to Survive the Coronavirus Panic • Is Passwordless Authentication the Next Big Step? • COVID-19: Important Information • Tax Deadlines for April


COVID-19: Relief Programs for Businesses and SMMEs

The National Lockdown, due to end on 16 April, presents businesses of all sizes with an unprecedented set of existential challenges.

Of course sooner or later this crisis will end, but for now it is a case of survival for many businesses, and particularly for those smaller enterprises forced now to close for 21 days.

Help is at hand! We list the various relief initiatives announced to date. The list will change, as will the details of and processes for accessing each initiative, but be aware of, and take advantage of, the assis- tance that is out there – or will be out there shortly.


Businesses: How to Survive the Coronavirus Panic

No one knows for certain just how serious the eventual economic fallout from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will be, but at the very least businesses will face their most challenging times since 2008. Quite possibly it will be a lot worse.

For the moment you will want to concentrate on business survival, to which end we share some practical ideas on how you can respond to the crisis.

Businesses that react calmly and sensibly in this time of panic won't just maximise their chances of survival; they could even end up strengthening their position in readiness for the inevitable recovery and upturn...


Is Passwordless Authentication the Next Big Step?

Cyber criminals are daily finding new and inventive ways to breach our online defences, to hack our websites, to defraud us (and our customers, suppliers, employees and families), and to generally force us to spend more and more valuable resources on protecting ourselves.

The question is, are passwords still the answer? We start off with some concerning stats in this regard and a discussion on how having to constantly manage passwords is impacting on both our businesses and the global economy. Which brings us to the million dollar question: "Could passwordless authentica- tion be the way to go?"

This is an evolving topic - don't get left behind!


COVID-19: Important Information

For the latest information and updates on the impact of COVID-19, visit the South African Revenue Services ("SARS") media page which is updated daily. Access the SARS website here.

Copies of important documentation relating to COVID-19 can be downloaded from our website here.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Stay home. 


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